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Indiana Social Club

Pole Dancing Anderson Indiana

Yes, there is a
Dance Pole
at Shenanigans ...
the girls love to use it !!

Social Party Anderson Indiana

Private Rooms

Or Open

the Curtains!

The Place to Party In Anderson Indiana

Shenanigans Social Club
Special Event


2/23/19     Mardi Gras - ONE of the largest parties of the year!
Everyone will be here to celebrate this magical occasion.
Red Beans & Rice, Gumbo & King Cake will be on the menu.

Everyone Welcome on Fridays!
This includes Couples, Single Males & Single Females.

Couple & Single Females only on Saturday.


Contact Us for any questions!



- Reservations Requested But Not Required -

For our holiday parties we have been hosting
more than 80 couples.
If you know for sure you plan to attend please make a reservation.
If you arrive without a reservation we will not
turn you away, however
reservations are a big help to us, and are greatly appreciated.

Any Questions About Shenanigans?
CLICK HERE... Contact Us

If you are new to Shenanigans
YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER before coming.
First and Last Names, Dates of Birth, and
Address Where You Live.
Picture ID ~ When You Enter.
If you would like to start receiving a NewsLetter!
Email us and let us know!
If you are currently signed up to receive Shenanigans
newsletters and advertisements.
And you wish to opt out of receiving these emails please
"reply" with the words "email opt out" in the subject line


Any Questions About Shenanigans
CLICK HERE... Contact Us


Shenanigans has been doing great holiday parties for 20 + years.

We put a lot of effort into these parties
- Ours are just the best… And that's the truth!

Why Shenanigans?
Great Friends & Food - Spend the night!

Remember that at Shenanigans there are no strangers,
only friends who haven’t met!

Reservations Requested but not required.


"Often Imitated But Never Duplicated"

Don't get out often? Have a really bad case of the blahs? Need a night out really bad? No kids Saturday night? . . . .Solution!! . . . Come to Shenanigans for a fun night out.

First and foremost you are going to meet some really great like-minded couples. You're going to start your evening with a delicious meal. (unless our party calendar states a special priced party with no dinner)

Jeff & Jodi are going to play some great music but keep it at a volume so you can chat and get acquainted with all those new couples you'll meet.

While everyone is welcome at Shenanigans our main focus is on those friends who want "Another Bite Of The Apple!" We always do the spoon dance giving you an opportunity to have a little conversation with different people.

If you plan to stay until morning no problem... At 3:00 a.m. when some others make you "hit the bricks" the party at Shenanigans is still going strong.


Any Questions About Shenanigans or Your Monkey
CLICK HERE... Contact Us

If you do not have a current membership at Shenanigans
you must pre-register in order to enter the club.
E-Mail us your names (first & last),dates of birth,and address where you live.

We gladly accept


Open 7:30 until ?????

To get your invitation or to ask any questions related
to our club please call or email us!