Indiana Couples Only Swingers Club

The Midwest's Premier "Social Club" !


Couples Only!

1 Year Membership only $1.00

Night Party $50.00
or as advertised.

To apply for a membership, receive directions
or get an invitation, please send us the following:

His and Her: Names (First & Last)
His and Her: Current Age/Birth Date
His and Her: Home Address
His and Her: Email Address

You must have a valid and current picture
ID when you visit the club
You "Must Pre-Register to visit Shenanigans”

We hope to see you soon! is a Forum with VERY STRONG ADULT CONTENT, PICTURES, VIDEOS and CLUB INFORMATION.
It is a non-Moderated Forum, meaning that your post are not monitored and No Posting will require approval ....almost anything is allowed.
The Unique thing about our Forum is here you will be able to find Adult Friends, Meet Members, Couples, Singles and Chat with people in your local area!

Contact Us...

Phone: 765 - 622 - 0103

If you do not already have a membership at Shenanigans you must pre-register in order to receive an invitation to attend our club. We do not accept walk-ins off the street. We will require picture I.D. from each of you the first time you visit. Please e-mail us the following required information.

Required Information:

His full name, date of birth, and address where he lives

Her full name, date of birth, and address where she lives

We are not going to give your personal information to anyone. If you are here and neglect to get a couples’ e-mail address, Please don’t contact us asking for it. We are not going to pass your information on to another couple. We do not give out any information for any reason. We will not call you on the phone or send snail mail to you.

For everyone’s safety we must know who is coming to the club.


Open 7:30 until ?????


To get your invitation or to ask any questions related
to our club please call or email us!