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The Midwest's Premier "Social Club" !


Couples Only!

Shenanigans Club Calendar -
Anderson Indiana

Something New & Exciting is happening at Shenanigans!

Starting September 28th - Shenanigans will be open on Friday & Saturday!

Friday - Everyone Is Welcome - Couples, Single Males & Single Females!

Saturday - Couples & Single Females Only - Just like it's always been!  


Doors open at 7:30 and are locked at
Midnight and close at ???.

Everyone must be out by
10:30 the next morning.

Saturday nights are for COUPLES & SINGLE FEMALES ONLY.
Door fee is $50 for Couples & $25 for Single Ladies.

Starting Friday 28th, every Friday will be for
Door fee on Friday is $25 for Couples & $50 for Single Men.

Membership fee is $1


November Saturday Theme Parties

Nov 3rd Save a horse Ride a Cowboy
Nov 10th Veterans Day - Red, White & Blue
Nov 17th Leather & Lace - Food Drive
Nov 24th Glow Party - Body Paint

December Saturday Theme Parties

Dec 1st Jersey Night
Dec 8th Anything For A Buck - Toy Drive
Dec 15th A B C Party ( Anything But Clothes )
Dec 22nd Hoe Hoe Hoe XXXXMAS
Dec 29th Pre New Years Eve Party
Dec 30th Another Pre NYE Party
Dec 31st Huge New Years Eve Party

Details will be posted soon on all the theme parties.

****Our DJ hosts a "Spoon Dance" at every Shenanigans party. A great ice breaker,
everyone has fun, and one couple wins a free party at Shenanigans! Participation is optional of course.


We gladly accept

Cash & Debit Cards
also accepted!

Open 7:30 until ?????

To get your invitation or to ask any questions
related to our club please call or email us!

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